Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Month Before My Double Debuts Release...What's It Like?

In a word.....MIND-BLOWING.

Wonderful and crazy and busy and exciting and scary and unbelievably cool...and maybe a smidge stressful, too. Kinda like this:

Don't get me wrong––it's off-the-charts even better than I'd even dreamed about. Was it worth the wait? YES. Even if my books don't sell as fast as say.....these French Bulldog teacup pups....I'm happy.

Happier even than Pharrell Williams!

Nothing beats the feeling from having accomplished a HUGE personal goal. Kinda like this bird - just bursting with pride.
But if you're wondering a little bit more about the specifics, here you go. In the past two weeks, I've:
  • received final chapters to approve and/or revise of One Smart Cookie
  • after sending them back, had my final look at the final edits
  • been contacted by both publishers to answer questions
  • been interviewed by three different groups (Sun City News, ThrillerZine, and International Thriller Writers organization) 
  • received requests to have books sent, contests begun, and articles written
  • arranged for two book signings 
  • written what feels like 1,000 emails
Hope you get a chance to experience this feeling once (or maybe twenty) times in your life, too. What has been your proudest moment?

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