Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Day YA Author Kym Brunner Blasts Onto Blogger Scene (gasp!)


First day, first post.

As a Blogger blogger anyway.... switching up from being a Live Journal gal. Everyone tells me the Kool-Aid is better over here, so I'm going to taste a sip and see if I want to join the cult. ;)

I'll be posting information about everything connected to my books, the writing process in general, YA news, and anything that relates to the world of writing in general. Also weird things that interest me because, let's face it, only reading about me would bore the pants off of you. (Which could be interesting in and of itself I suppose, but let's not go there.)

I'm a member of two fantastic groups of YA writers who blog:
UNCOMMON YA  - featuring tough, gritty novels that won't take any BS from others. Meet my Main Character, Clyde Barrow was featured there yesterday in fact. Check it out here:

Love Bad Boys? Meet the Ultimate Bad Boy...CLYDE BARROW (of Bonnie & Clyde fame)

 and a member (and co-founder) of:

DARKLY DELICIOUS YA - dark, suspenseful novels (many with a hint of romance). I did a holiday post there titled:  Ho, Ho, Huh? Kym Brunner's Top 5 Rules for Surviving the Holidays with Weird Relatives

Come on back soon - hoping to try and post something every week - haven't decided which day yet, but as soon as I know, I'll give you a buzz. (Since it's winter, it might be a fruit fly instead of a bee who passes the word - sorry to do that to you b/c you know how those suckers multiply!)

Til next time,



Writing suspenseful stories often leads me to investigating creepy places and  gruesome stories of real events.  Oftentimes what the adage s...