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Kym Brunner dreams entire novels in her head, but needs about a year to write it all down.  She wishes there was an app for this. She's addicted to chai tea, going to the movies, and reality TV. When she's not reading or writing, Kym teaches 7th grade full time. Her article, Cracking Down on Multiple POVs:  Surrender and Nobody Gets Hurt, appeared in Writer’s Digest online (July, 2014). She is the author of the three YA novels listed below. She lives in the Chicago area with her family and her two trusty writing companions, a pair of Shih Tzus named Sophie and Kahlua. Keep in touch by following her on Facebook (Author Kym Brunner), Twitter (@KymBrunner), or at her website,

Wanted: Dead or in Love, Merit Press (2014)
One Smart Cookie, Omnific Publishing (2014)
Flip the Bird, HMH Books for Young Readers (2016 / paperback 2018)



HOMELAND: I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois (Woo-hoo! Best city in the world!), but currently live in a northwest suburb that's still close enough to get to the city in 40 minutes. Sometimes I dream about living elsewhere and maybe one day I will, but being close to family tops any joy I'd get from living in a warm climate. (Now if I could get all of my friends and family to move to say....San Diego, I might be game). 

SPARE TIME: I love to read and write obviously, but I also LOVE going to the movies and watching reality TV. There, I said it. Point fingers all you want, laugh at me, but my brain wants what it wants and I've never been a good disciplinarian. Just ask my students or my lovely daughters, who laughed all the way out of the house after they did a few loads of laundry as "punishment." Actually, part of the reality TV obsession comes with being able to socialize with friends while I watch.

FAMILY: I've been blessed with three beautiful daughters, a very tall and debonair husband, and two adorable dogs. I try really hard to remain grounded in my faith by appreciating all that I have and helping out others when I can

WORK: Started working at age 14 (before anyone cared about the age 16 requirement) as a hot dog wrangler (Sammie's in the Portage Park area of Chicago). During high school I worked as a cashier for PG Berland Paints, then in college as an answering service operator (loved the job - hated the perverts who used to call and breathe heavy) and finally, for most of my life. . . a teacher. I'm teach 7th grade reading and writing all day long! And they pay me! What could be better than that? 

AUTHOR JOURNEY: Started writing when my teaching assistant said that I was always talking about books and was so creative, why didn't I write one myself? (Thanks, Ginny Nelson!)  I got serious, took classes, joined SCBWI (a definite must for kidlit writers) and a mere (cough, cough) ten years later, had my first novel traditionally published. Took a while to find an agent, I'm now on my third and hopefully last one (waves HI to Eric Myers), but have been writing ever since. Every day. Without fail. Well, almost. If I'm not actually writing a novel, I'm revising, researching, or hanging out on social media and talking about books. See you there!
All-Stars Sophie and Kahlua
Me and my Big Brudders, Kevin (center) & Keith (far right)

Downtown Chicago
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