Thursday, May 28, 2015

Driving, Dining, and Divas

Hey there ~

I thought I'd write a post about something other than writing tips. {{I do give some writing tips for a collective YA author blog I'm on, Uncommon YA (which by the way has 25 amaaaazing YA authors who are superb, funny, brilliant, and write cool books, so please check us out on Twitter and the blog itself sometime: Uncommon YA)}

Now back to today's topics. I love writing and chatting about myself, but yanno, no one wants to chat with an empty chair so writing blog posts for no one seems silly, which is why I usually refrain from doing so on my own blog page.'s the thing:  I don't know whether there's an invisible someone in that chair reading my posts, making an invisible connection with me somewhere out there in the world. If so, hello invisible person! *waves

So I thought I'd start showing my normal, everyday side to any readers who might stumble over here. (Okay, quiet those who know me and are objecting to my use of the word "normal" to describe me). In any case, I thought I'd start writing weekly posts about nothing. (Kind of like Seinfeld).

Today's topic: Driving, Dining, and Divas


I love driving fast (ish). Like around 10 miles over the limit usually....except for when I'm approaching one of the secret "police hiding spots" which, since they're there most Thursday mornings and afternoons on the end of my block, isn't much of a secret.  I call myself an assertive driver and rarely text and drive unless I'm at a stoplight.

I love driving convertibles. Although I'm in the Chicago area, we still have approximately six months of top-down weather. To me, it feels like a luxury, quality of life thing. Here's Black Betty, my new VW Bug convertible. Isn't she cute?


I love to eat out, but more importantly, I love to socialize. If only I had been born to be one of those people who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight. My favorite dining out items are usually finger foods like nachos, sushi, and flatbreads (I'll often order apps for my dinner), but I'm trying to order more salads. (I have a hard time saying no if I haven't made up my mind before walking in and I see something amazing like pot roast nachos.) Yum...I love pot roast. Too bad not too many places serve it. (Invisible restaurant owners who are reading this, take note.)

Tonight's spot? Pinstripes in Northbrook - Fab outdoor dining place.


I'm not one, don't know many, but I love watching them on TV. Reality TV rules my world. I say it's for help developing my fictional worlds (like research - that's what I tell my husband), but we all know it's fun to drink wine with one of my daughters or neighborhood friends and watch Real Housewives of Anywhere squabble over petty stuff, splash wine in the other woman's face, and/or talk badly about her behind her back (but to the whole world). Priceless.

So that's it for today. Go ahead and exit the chair now. Hope you come back next time. (I'll try to get a comfier cushion). Remember:  don't drive too slowly if you're in my hood. Ain't nobody got time for leisurely Sunday drives except dogs in car with their heads poking out the window.

Until next time....

xoxo, KYM


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