Sunday, December 22, 2019

To Newbie or Not New Be?

That is the question. It's a toughie, too.

After fifteen years of writing kidlit (mostly YA), I'm officially writing a suspenseful crime fiction novel for ADULTS! Loving the change and it feels like a great fit. But...on the other hand...I'm feeling like I'm starting all over again.

Some of the reasons I decided to take the plunge?

First of all, I LOVE watching LIVE PD, Fear Thy Neighbor, 48 Hours, and anything else on  ID Network. I feel like I've got police procedural down enough to make it feel right. Lots more to learn, but having a blast figuring it all out.

Plus, the character I'm writing feels super real to me. She's overweight, worried about everything, and is flawed. VERY flawed. But I love all of her crazy naughtiness and odd quirks. Granted, not everyone will like her, but that's just like real life.

So yes, though I feel like I'm out of my element, and quite like a newbie who just moved across the country (like in my favorite Christmas move, The Holiday), can I say I'm loving the experience?

NEWBIE or not to be? Not even a question.

Have you ever changed genres or the intended age of your readers? Any advice for making the transition smoother? Answer here or at my Facebook Author Page. 

Til next time,

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